Free software to help fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material.

Our free-to-use software automates and simplifies CSAM-handling and reporting processes.

Designed specifically for CSAM hotlines and organizations that deal with terrorism, hate speech and other abuse.

Connected to key European LEA, databases and networks, including ICCAM.

Sexual Child Abuse Reporting Tool for non-profit organizations

The amount of notifications that anti-CSAM organizations receive grows exponentially every year. As a result, checking, handling and documenting all these reports can easily overwhelm whole teams.

Our Sexual Child Abuse Reporting Tool (SCARt) automates and simplifies CSAM-handling and reporting processes. Through its easy-to-use interface, CSAM can quickly be identified and follow-up actions can be initiated at the touch of a button. A wide range of features help teams stay organized thanks to monitoring and automatic (re)notification.

To make SCARt available to as many non-profit organizations as possible, the software can be used free of cost.

This tool has enormously increased the amount work we can handle, by automating processes while taking in account security checks. SCARt helped us quadruple the number of URLs we can process. The results really signifies the importance of implementing smart IT when combating CSAM.

- Dutch CSAM Hotline -

SCARt main features

Our story

SCARt is developed and maintained by the AbuseIO Foundation. In 2013, this Dutch non-profit organization began releasing free-to-use software and tools to help detect, manage and resolve internet abuse. AbuseIO developed SCARt initially for the Dutch CSAM Hotline to simplify their abuse report handling. Created together with the Dutch Expertise Centre for Online Child Sexual Abuse and our technology partners SvSnet and Web-IQ, the software drastically reduced abuse report handling times since its implementation in 2019. Over time, SCARt’s functionality has increased. The software is now ready for use by other CSAM Hotlines and similar organizations around the world.

SCARt is funded through grants, donations and the hard work of the open source community. Together, we can help keep children safe around the world.

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